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Mobile Power Source

Traditionally a mobile power source meant hiring a generator and was seen as the only option for providing power on the move or where you need it.

REPSS units have changed this and now provide options as to the type of power source utilised and maximise the advantages of certain power source technologies.

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Utilising diesel generators, solar, batteries or hybrid combination of all or any we can ensure our clients have Power That Puts YOU In Control.
REPSS can provide traditional 240VAC power or low power 12/24/48VDC power requirements as required and in a format that saves you money.

  • Hybrid energy sources for minimalizing fuel use and serviceability in remote locations
  • Solar battery mobile power units that are ideal where noise pollution from generators is an issue.
  • Straight diesel mobile power sources that take advantage of the new series of trailer design features that enhance safety and ease of use
  • Pure battery mobile units that are able to be charged utilising external receptacles but give mobile power true portability without the need for fuel
  • Many other options and uses available as required by clients unique siutations


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