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LED Lighting Towers

Mobile lighting has been around for years.

However REPSS wanted to re-invent the way these LED lighting towers were thought about!

REPSS re-considered elements such as fabrication, energy use, maintenance and control philosophies so as to enable its clients to control these areas well. Firstly the engineering was stripped back and reinvented to allow for a product that is in our opinion the safest on the market whilst also being extremely rugged. All of this achieved with a weight under 2 Tonne allowing standard towing.

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Lowering the energy use of products is a topic that has become important, and the diesel savings on REPSS units is now put into the clients hands via choice. With a combination of anyone of the four technologies – LED Lighting, Balloon Lighting, Batteries and Solar – we can help engineer and customise a solution that fits the customer’s needs without compromising the useability.

Maintenance savings and refuelling can be the biggest saver of all from an economical point of view if the product is chosen properly. REPSS has gone to every length possible via its R&D over the last 2 years to produce a product that enables servicing and maintenance to be kept to never before seen low levels.

Energy efficient technologies coupled with no hydraulics and state of the art control and service reporting features ensure these units pay themselves back in no time. REPSS representatives will be happy to provide its clients with expected ROI’s and paybacks that suit their individual scenario.
Control of lighting towers has come a long way.

Unique Engine Control

That’s what our equipment is built for. There are a number of options you can choose from.

Navman wireless control, monitoring and reporting all provide a level of control for each customer’s specific needs.

Please see the latest Qtanium brochure that explains what our units are capable of.

See the Qtanium Brochure

  • LED lights fully manufactured in USA and with extremely high lumen to watt output ratio’s.
  • Hybrid options to ensure absolute best Return on Investment for fuel saving and maintenance saving whilst maintaining a guaranteed hybrid power source.

One of the safest trailer’s on the market with the following advantages.

  • In general most versions of our products utilise low voltage 24VDC compared to traditional 240VAC solutions.
  • No hydraulics on trailer at all, with electric mast and positioning actuator and manual stabiliser legs.
  • Integrated platform style trailer which revolutionises the trailer structure to meet the strict safety standards required in today’s market. Allows easy safe access to lights for cleaning, positioning or maintenance.
  • Built in safety features ensuring safe operation and deployment of mast.


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