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Event Lighting Services

REPSS range of products is suited to many types of event based industries.

Whether it be shows, concerts, field days or similar, power and lighting sources are always a necessity.

However REPSS can add the following advantages to the traditional style of generating power and lighting systems – such as – battery and solar system solutions that that offer noise free power and lighting production, added asset security and control meaning a unit can be tracked remotely at all times and controlled remotely at all times, low energy use products that minimise diesel or power usage for massive long term money savings, safe low voltage and secure units that minimise danger to the public and many other advantages.

Also because our units are built specifically to a client’s needs they can be relied upon to perform to set parameters that maximise a return on investment. So instead of trawling through websites looking for a product that suits your particular circumstance – talk to the experts at REPSS and let them work with you to develop a solution that fits perfectly.

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