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Communications Trailers

Mobile communications including satellite technology has become a must have for our mining and construction customers.

Whilst we have been providing these types of power sources for communications equipment for some time, it is now time to add the updated series of platforms to this range to provide the latest communication mobile power source.

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We have customised cabling and harnessing services available that allow the customer to specify the type of communications equipment and then for REPSS to provide the cabling ready for connect. We also will engineer and ensure the correct power source is selected to suit the equipment therefore ensuring reliability and continuity of power at all times.

Lowering energy use is a topic that has become important and the diesel savings on REPSS units is now put into the clients hands via choice. With a combination of anyone of the three technologies Generator, Batteries and Solar – we can help engineer and customise a solution that fits the customer’s needs without compromising the useability.

Maintenance savings and refueling can be the biggest saver of all from an economical point of view if the product is chosen properly. REPSS has gone to every length possible via its R&D over the last 2 years to produce a product that enables servicing and maintenance to be kept to never before seen low levels.

Energy efficient technologies coupled with no hydraulics and state of the art control and service reporting features ensure these units pay themselves back in no time. REPSS representatives will be happy to provide its clients with expected ROI’s and paybacks that suit their individual scenario.

Reliability of the power source with regard to communications is of course critical. A power supply will be selected that is capable of powering the equipment under all circumstances and with backup of monitoring and reporting features via Navman communications it will also report if this is ever compromised via low fuel, failure of equipment etc. Please see the latest Qtanium brochure that explains what our units are capable of.

  • Low power solar/battery trailer option that provides easy/go anywhere option for temporary to semi-permanent access control
  • Provides mobile satellite and/or communications where and when you need it.
  • Can be powered using grid, solar, battery or diesel.
  • Fitted with carry boxes for utilisation of associated communications equipment as required.
  • Can be custom fitted with communication equipment power leads and setup as specified by client.
  • Ideal for remote locations and made rugged to withstand heat and environmental factors.


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