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REPSS was first conceived in 2012 as an idea and offshoot to its parent company Renovo Energy.

The team at Renovo knew there was a market for specialised mobile power source equipment.

Whilst the team at Renovo and some of its partners had been involved in Hybrid Power Systems, Mobile Generation Equipment and Lighting Towers etc for many years, we could see it was time to think differently to how this was achieved from three angles.

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Industry has been crying out for a more efficient way of creating power and light for a long time. REPSS has brought together a unique system designed to do just this. REPSS combines power sources such as Solar, Battery Storage, Generators and Mains Power with a number of smart technologies.

Power sources work together with LED Lighting, Advanced Battery Technology, Low Diesel Usage Generators and Smart Monitoring & Control Systems to create the perfect fit for almost any customer’s budget and payback requirements. Imagine that – a product that saves you money instead of costing you money.


Safety on our units has been looked at from every angle. Whether it be Low Voltage 24VDC only systems, no hydraulics or easy access platform and maintenance features – we have thought of nearly everything – and if there is a particular requirement that a client needs we are happy to add as our units are not made to suit our requirements – but instead customised to suit our customers’ requirements.


If you want a cheap unit – not built in Australia and not using some of Australia’s finest manufacturers and distributors – YOU ARE ON THE WRONG WEBSITE. Whilst our pricing is competitive, our units are built to last, built by partners that can back up their products and built to maximise a return for your business. No compromise.


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